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Castle Hearing Aids is based from our Head Office in the Midlands with coverage nationally to hearing specialists in your local area and this website will give you information on various aspects of hearing loss and the hearing aids that can help people live a more normal life again.

The history of our involvement in products for the elderly is quite interesting, which you can read about here if you wish, but if you would like to visit the right section for you now we can get you started on hopefully answering any questions you might have.

free hearing test for hearing loss


So, You’d like to find out more about hearing loss or get a free hearing test for yourself.

Is that right?

OK, you now have 2 choices.

1) We can arrange an appointment for our audiologist to visit you at home to conduct a free hearing test at your convenience and with no obligation.

2)We can arrange an appointment for you to visit us here at the Castle Comfort Hearing Centre for a free hearing test.

Either way the first step is to give us a call on 01782 698090 or fill out the contact page. Thanks.

Below you will see a testimonial from just one of our satisfied customers and you can hear how their life has been improved for the better.
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So, You’d like to find out more about hearing loss or get a free hearing test for someone you know.

Is that right?

Well, sometimes these things can be a bit personal. Maybe they don’t want to be booked in for a free hearing test, perhaps because they feel that they don’t want to cause a fuss or that they don’t want to admit that their hearing may not be as good as it was? We understand that and many people have faced the stigma of that and been very relieved once they had some facts and figures about their ears to have a look at.  For example after a dual ear screen they would be able to know exactly what percentage of loss each ear has, maybe there is a build up of wax, or it may be just age. Regardless of the cause our professional audiologist will be able to run the test so that both of you will know what’s what.

If you’re sure that a free hearing test would help them and that once booked they would be happy to find out if there is any hearing loss in either ear, then call us to arrange an appointment.  CALL 01782 698090 TODAY to arrange your free hearing test.


free hearing test for hearing loss

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